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MEET BILLY STROBE–a lawyer and an ex-con, a man who believes in the law but always seems to be on the wrong side of it—in this "powerful [and] satisfying" (Publishers Weekly) suspense novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Alternate. You are likely never to forget him. Read more...
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In a dazzling display of courtroom bravado, Seth "Cowboy" Cameron wins a ticket to the prestigious firm of Miller and McGrath. But he soon becomes a pawn in a power struggle between the firm's senior partners. Surviving on adrenaline and broken promises, Seth is primed to beat them at their own game. But then they send him Elena Barton.Read more...
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In an opulent San Francisco mansion, a beautiful woman lies dead. Her husband stands accused of her murder and two ambitious lawyers step into the courtroom for the most challenging trial of their careers. The defendant is an ex-congressman whose alibi is as questionable as his past. But disappearing evidence, witnesses, and even jurors, soon spin the trial out of control. Read more...
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The pristine blue-chip law firm of Stafford, Parrish & MacAllister stuns the nation by agreeing to step down from its ivory tower and litigate a shocking and sensational plaintiff's class action. For ambitious attorney Rachel Cannon, this is her make-or-break chance to earn the firm's first female partnership. For SP&M's best and brightest litigator, Kevin Stone, it is the greatest trial challenge of his career..... Read more
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John will soon be able to announce the publication of his new book, DRIVEN, a memoir.

Born during the depression in rural Modesto to a lower middle-class family, with little family encouragement, the author became a successful college athlete, then an elite pilot in the USAF. Later, a successful trial lawyer, named among the Top Ten Trial Lawyers in America by the prestigious National Law Journal. Concurrently he was a successful singer-songwriter who performed his original songs in famous venues like The Troubadour in Los Angeles and the Palomino Club in North Hollywood. In his spare time, he helped build a nationally recognized law firm of over 140 lawyers that bears his name. He then became a national bestselling author of four published legal thrillers and in his senior years, won the gold medal in the 100m. high hurdles at the 1997 Masters Track and Field National Championships, running the fastest time in the world for his age group that year.

Now, at the age of ninety-one, the mystery and suspense writer will invite his readers to join him in a candid investigation of his life as he tries to solve the mystery of who or what drove him to achieve uncanny success in an unprecedented five totally different vocations, only to discover that he had become a victim of his success, a prisoner of his need for recognition and fame and a lifetime of frenzied preeminence in total disregard of his health and happiness.